Presbyterian Network (PAN)


At the 2015 annual meeting of the PCBAA in Nashville, the membership of PCBAA authorized the Board of Directors to move forward with a re-write of our by-laws to become a Network of Practice of The Church Network.  That work was completed and at the 2016 annual meeting in Dallas the new By-laws were ratified.  We are now the Presbyterian Administrators' Network.  PAN for short.
There are three major changes that have occurred with this re-organization.

First, there are no additional dues for membership.  Dues have been eliminated.   (This means that any church worker involved in any Presbyterian Church, governing, or supporting body; and is a paid member of The Church Network; is included as a member of PAN.)

Second, in years past the Presbyterian Church Business Administrators' Association (PCBAA) centered on the infrastructure of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) denomination. Now, PAN is open to include all Presbyterian churches, denominations and organizations. This expansion will greatly enrich our network together as we share in common administration duties and best practices, where like national, we “don’t go it alone.”

Third, our purpose has been refocused to be one of continuing education, fellowship and encouragement, designed to deepen and strengthen our lives, spiritually and professionally.

This means now you are a member of PAN.  We hope to ENCOURAGE you to do three things for your professional health:
1. Continue to attend the TCN annual Conference for your educational benefit.
2. Join us for three events each year at the annual conference for you fellowship benefit. (Opening Reception, Business Meeting and Special Event)(an additional cost will accompany the Special Event)
3.  Continue to expand your network of relationships at the TCN annual conference and throughout the year strengthening friendship and comradery for your spiritual health.

Presbyterian Administrators' Network to hold first gathering in New Orleans, LA  - July 18-21, 2018

The Presbyterian Administrators' Network will hold the first gathering of the newly re-organized network at the beautiful Gaylord National on the Potomac in National Harbor, Maryland, this July.  If you are attending the conference and you are a Presbyterian member of TCN you are also automatically a member of PAN.  We encourage you to join us for our three special gatherings: our Business meeting on Monday morning, opening Reception on Monday Evening, and our Special Dinner Event on Wednesday evening.

If you have not been a part of our fellowship events in the past few years come and try us out again.  I guarantee you will enjoy time spent fellowshipping with fellow Presbyterians.

It does not matter if you are PCUSA, PCA, EPC, ECO, Cumberland, Associate Reformed or Presbyterian of any sort.  Come and Join us!
Just sign up for the Presbyterian Administrators' Network on the TCN registration. It is that easy!


Pan Leadership

Moderator : Jim Hugan, CCA
First Presbyterian, Flint MI

Vice-Moderator: Jackie LIlly, CCA
First Presbyterian, Charleston, WV       

Treasurer - Jan Buscher, CCA
First Presbyterian, Wheaton, IL

Secretary - Johnnie Baker, CCA
Second Presbyterian, Kansas City, MO

Conference Planning - Mary Ann Vaughan, CCA
Immanuel Presbyterian, McLean, VA  

Communications - Michael Aycock, CCA
Myers Park Presbyterian, Charlotte, NC

By-Laws - Jennifer Childers, CCA
Sardis Presbyterian, Charlotte, NC

Membership - Vacant