Past National Leadership & History

Executive Leadership

Phill Martin MA CAE CCA

Phill Martin joined the staff in June 2000 after serving two terms on the national board. He began his work as the Director of Education. In March 2006 he was named Deputy CEO and served in the role until January 2019 when named CEO-Elect when Simeon May and the board announced his retirement. He served as CEO from 2019 until 2022 when he retired. During his tenure the association weathered the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Prior to his association work Phill served five congregations in Alabama, Georgia, and Texas. He graduated from Samford University with a bachelor degree in music and a masters degree from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth. He did post graduate work at Rice University. He was ordained to the gospel ministry by Broadway Baptist Church in 1976 under the leadership of John Claypool. 

Simeon May CPA CAE CCA
1998 - 2019

Simeon May took office on May 1, 1998 as the association’s Executive Director, and once he had achieved the designation of CAE (Certified Association Executive), his title was officially changed to Chief Executive Officer in March of 2004. During his time on staff at First Baptist Church Richardson, Simeon served on the TCN Board for seven years from 1989 to 1996 including the last two of those years as President. He also served as president of the Dallas 1 chapter of the association. 
A graduate of Baylor University, prior to his selection, Simeon served as minister of business administration for the First Baptist Church of Richardson, TX, where he became a member in1976 and was ordained in 1994. Prior to his work in ministry Simeon worked in public accounting. 

Marvin Myers FCBA
1981 -1998

The Executive Committee, headed by Paul Nygren, announced that Marvin Myers would succeed Floy Barnes as Executive Director effective October 1, 1981.  Marvin had served as a local church administrator and spent five years with the Church Administration Dept. of the Baptist Sunday School Board, Nashville, Tennessee.  Marvin moved the National Office from Kansas City to Fort Worth. Marvin faithfully served the association until is retirement in 1998. The association created a rising star award in his honor know as the F. Marvin Myers' Award. Marvin continued as a faithful attender at the national conference for more than 20 years after his retirement.

Floy Barnes, FCBA
1975 – 1981

In March 1975, the Board of NACBA decided to hire Floy Barnes as the new Executive Director.  This would force her to resign as President of NACBA and she began her duties on April 15, 1975.  She moved the NACBA office from Nebraska to Shawnee Mission, Kansas.  Floy announced her retirement effective September 30, 1981 and received the Maurice Saucedo Award at the July 1981 NACBA Conference. 

Maurice Saucedo, FCBA †
1971 – 1974

In 1969, Bryan Brawner headed a committee to again look at preparing a job description for an Executive Director for the association.  It was in 1971 at the Fountain Head Lodge Conference in Oklahoma that Maurice Saucedo was introduced as the first Executive Director of NACBA.  His office would be in Belle View, Nebraska.  The total cost for the position was estimated at $20,000.  Maurie would serve NACBA effectively until his death on December 10, 1974.

† indicates deceased

Association Staff History

Cliff Elkins, FCBA
director of development 1988-1993
Ernestine Haas

  education associate 2001-2006
  conference manager 2006-2019
  director of events and publications 2019-present
Barbara Hollingsworth
  office secretary 1988-2003
Nancy Mapston
  office manager 1988-2003
Rose Ella McCleary
  education associate 2006-2019
Tammy Mirau
  administrative associate 2003-2019
  director of operations 2019-present
Joyce Parchman
   director of publications 1986?-1998
Darby Roach
  engagement coordinator 2019-present
Ruth Swingle
  membership associate 2006-2013
Sharlie Wikman  
  executive secretary 1967-1971

Organization Timeline

The first annual conferences of NACBA were held in church for 14 of the first 15 years.  In 1956, the meeting of church administrators was held at the First Methodist Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and elected a temporary president, J. T. Carter of First Methodist Church, Lubbock, Texas. 

The first NACBA conference was held at First Methodist Church, Dallas, Texas where R. Bryan Brawner of Highland Park Methodist Church was elected the first president. The annual dues were only $10.

In 1965, NACBA was incorporated.

In 1966, NACBA celebrated its 10th Anniversary and established its first National Office at Minneapolis, Minnesota and agreed to hire an administrative assistant.

It was in 1967 that the first employee, Sharlie Wikman, was hired as the executive secretary.  Her office was in Minneapolis, Minnesota and she worked for NACBA until 1971.

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NACBA 35th Years Brochure 1956-1991
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Conference Location History

Board Presidents

Harold Carlson, CCA 2020 - 2022
Denise Criag, CCA 2018 - 2020
Ross Burton, CCA2016 - 2018
Tom Danklefsen, CCA2014 - 2016
Dana Fickling, CCA2012 - 2014
Brian Hill, CCA2010 - 2012
Cheryl Kohlsteadt, CCA2008 - 2010
Jack Taylor, CCA2006 - 2008
Merwin Pickney, CCA2004 - 2006
Betty B. O’Neil, CCA2002 - 2004
Janice Johnson, CCA2000 - 2002
Paul Johnson, CCA1998 - 2000
Michael S. Reagin, CCA1996 - 1998
Simeon May, CCA1994 - 1996
Kenneth B. Schinstine, CCA1992 - 1994
Maurice E. Carlton, CCA † 1991 - 1992
Jessica A. White, CCA 1989 - 1991
Richard L. Hardy, CCA 1987 - 1989
William D. Sinclair, CCA 1985 - 1987
Robert A. Young, CCA 1983 - 1985
William R. Ross, CCA † 1982 - 1983
Paul Nygren, CCA † 1981 - 1982
Mac C. Wells, CCA † 1980 - 1981
Victor E. Criswell, CCA † 1979 - 1980
Kenneth Bjorgan, CCA † 1978 - 1979
J. Edward Curry, CCA † 1977 – 1978
R. Neil Rimington, CCA 1976 - 1977
Clifford Elkins, CCA † 1975 - 1976
E. Floy Barnes, CCA † 1974 - 1975
John M. Lochridge, CCA † 1973 - 1974
Clayton G. Spranger, CCA † 1972 - 1973
Robert W. Latta, CCA 1971 - 1972
Robert L. New, CCA † 1970 - 1971
Kenneth F. Smith † 1969 - 1970
Kenneth Marshall, CCA † 1968 - 1969
Edward B. Wycoff, CCA † 1967 - 1968
Kyle R. Hobin, CCA † 1966 - 1967
Zeb E. Barnhardt, CCA † 1965 - 1966
John G. Fischer, CCA † 1964 - 1965
Carroll B. Fitch † 1963 - 1964
W. Dean Willis, CCA † 1962 - 1963
Kenneth R. Zinn, CCA † 1961 - 1962
Leif R. Larson † 1960 - 1961
Donald F. Baker, CCA † 1959 - 1960
William L. Schwantes, CCA † 1958 - 1959
R. Bryan Brawner † 1957 - 1958

† indicates deceased

† indicates deceased