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National Awards Program
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The Church Network's awards program honors those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve and support TCN.  Each year, award recipients will be announced in the June/July issue of The Link and honored during the National Association’s annual meeting in July. To nominate an outstanding TCN member for one of the awards detailed below, download the nomination form.


Maurice Saucedo Award

Church Business Administrator of the Year
The Saucedo Award is the highest TCN award given to an active church administrator, and is named in honor of Maurice Saucedo, a career chapel management specialist with the United States Air Force and the first executive director of NACBA. Saucedo, known as “Maury” to his church administrator friends and “Spike” to his Air Force colleagues, died suddenly in 1974. He was named a charter member of the Church Management Hall of Fame in 1983.

ELIGIBILITY: Nominees must be active members and considered on the basis of the following:
• Work with other churches or chapel programs in administrative areas
• Service to TCN
• Service to denomination, chapel, or other related programs
• Service to community
• Other forms of Christian service

The committee will evaluate the nominees on his or her most recent contributions to TCN.   


Marvin Myers Service Award

The Myers' Service Award is named in honor of F. Marvin Myers, CCA, for his support, dedication and 17 years of loyal service to the membership of TCN as executive director. His vigorous leadership and commitment to the ministry of church administration led the organization to “reach for the stars” in providing a network of support for administrators and a foundation of confidence through continued professional education and training.  The membership makes nominations each spring along with nominations from directors. Final selection will be determined by the TCN Awards Committee.

ELIGIBILITY: Awarded to one or more individuals
• Active membership in TCN.
• Display a strong commitment to the organization through chapter leadership, special service, chapter organization, national service of membership, and professional support.
• Recipients can include individuals recognized as future leaders or “rising stars” as well as long-term members who enthusiastically support the benefits of membership of TCN and the church administration profession.

CEO Award

The chief executive officer awards those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve and support TCN.


The Church Management Hall of Fame

Individuals who have contributed significantly to the profession of church business administration may be chosen for induction into the Church Management Hall of Fame at the annual TCN national conference. The Church Management Hall of Fame has two separate categories.

The Church Business Administrator—awarded to a former or retired church business administrator who has had an illustrious church management career and exhibited outstanding leadership within TCN.

Significant Contributor to Church Management—This broader category is designated to honor those who serve in related church professions who have made significant contributions to the church management profession. Examples of this category are editors of church management magazines; church administration professors; authors; consultants; denomination and association executives; TCN executive directors; etc. Membership in TCN is preferred but not required.


Distinguished Exhibitor Service Award

This award is given occasionally by the chief executive officer to an exhibitor who has provided extraordinary support to the association for many years. It may also be presented to an exhibitor who is entering retirement.