Code of Ethics

As a member of The Church Network: powered by NACBA, I commit myself to Christian, ethical, and lawful conduct, including the proper use of authority and appropriate decorum when acting as a church professional.  I will use this Code of Ethics as a guide in performing my duties with trustworthiness and integrity, as a Christian, as a colleague, and as a leader in the congregation where I serve.

As a leader in church administration, I will not attempt to exercise individual authority over the church community except as explicitly set forth in its governing policies.

 I will:
  • Be committed to the mission of the Church;
  • Strongly advocate that business practices are consistent with the authority of Scripture and civil law where there is no conflict;
  • Be responsive to my church’s or religious institution’s authorities, advocating ethical business practices as my standard;
  • Perform all duties as outlined in my job description, fulfilling my fiduciary responsibility to the members of the church;
  • Be knowledgeable of the documents governing the operations of the church;
  • Respect the processes of the church’s governing body by not undermining the decisions of that body;
  • Remain current with changes or advancements in the areas of financial accountability, and human resource management;
  • Openly and candidly share individual concerns, information, and knowledge with professional peers and church leadership;
  • Bring to the immediate attention of the appropriate leadership, any condition or action that I believe exceeds a current operating policy or is in non-compliance with any governing document;
  • Respect the confidentiality appropriate to issues of a sensitive nature;
  • Exercise honesty in all written and interpersonal interaction;
  • Show professionalism to all those with whom I make contact on behalf of the church;
  • Make every reasonable effort to protect the integrity and promote the positive image of the church and its members;
  • Encourage and value involvement by members of the church community;
  • Respond in a spiritual manner consistent with my faith when confronted with conflict.

I pledge to:
  • Participate with professional colleagues in organized efforts to share new knowledge and development in professional practices;
  • Be an advocate for the association and to advance the values and benefits of membership to the ministry leaders whom I support and others with whom I come into contact;
  • Strive to be a life-long learner, seeking to attain the highest degree of competency in my field of work.