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In 1985, visionaries established the TCN (then known as NACBA) Endowment Fund.  Mr. Walter Pharr, a Presbyterian layman from Orlando, Florida, made the initial gift of $1000 to start this fund.  The fund is currently over $800,000. This is a great example of what a team with a God-sized dream can do!

There are specifics which are important to understanding the need for such a fund and how it is managed:
•  Contributions and donations to the fund will be invested and reinvested to produce a steady flow of income.
•  The annual distribution to the operating budget will be 5% of the twelve (12) quarter rolling endowment average.
•  Funds are used only for purposes approved by the TCN Board of Directors.
•  The Endowment Fund is administered by the TCN Board of Directors, functioning as trustees, and the Board's Investment Committee.
•  The Endowment Fund is maintained as a restricted fund within the TCN financial records. The fund is managed by JP Morgan Chase.

Most, if not all, church administrative leaders understand the importance of an Endowment Fund.  Administrators may be involved in their church’s Endowment Fund.  They are aware that endowment funds have common objectives:  
•  to support activities not just for one year, but for a longer term
•  to provide for ongoing support for a wide variety of other activities, and
•  to reach beyond the church itself to accomplish things that are not covered by the annual giving budget.  

TCN holds these same beliefs.  

One might wonder how funds collected by TCN are used. Annual dues and fees collected by The Church Network support operational costs, such as personnel costs, insurance, office expenses, member publications, conferences and events, consulting, training, and more.

Distributions from The Church Network Endowment Fund will be used for the purpose of furthering the Kingdom of God and the work of the association. The board is charged with allocating this income to advance the cause and growth of The Church Network. Some examples of ways these funds may be allocated are listed below. This list is not exhaustive in nature but intended to inform the current board of directors of historical uses and the original intent of the endowment.
•  Scholarships to those members who need financial assistance in attending the annual conference
•  Scholarships to those members who need financial assistance in attending the certification seminars
•  Funding for Key Leader Training
•  Funding to support the educational work of our Professional Training and Standards Committee
•  Resources to improve products and services for the TCN membership
•  Data to reveal trends related to church management
•  Seed money to start or strengthen chapters
•  Job resources for those seeking a church staff position
•  Research and consulting regarding additional funding or income sources
•  Compensation data collection and reporting 
•  Assistance to smaller churches without administration expertise
•  Tools to further the reach of TCN