CCA Eligibility and Requirements

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Candidate must complete two core modules of academic study through one
or a combination of the approved Certification Centers.

Candidate must complete 4 CEUs (40 contact hours).

Once a candidate has submitted a registration form and $100 fee, they may begin accumulating CEUs for certification. CEUs earned prior to registration will NOT count toward the 4.0 CEUs (40 contact hours).
These must include 4 required modules which are offered each year at national conference and in The Church Network online learning lab, and may be offered by one or more of the approved training centers.
      i. Theology and ethics of church administration (0.2 CEUs)
      ii. Self-care for administrative leaders (0.2 CEUs)
     iii. Church technology basics (0.2 CEUs)
     iv. Church technology trends (0.2 CEUs)

The other 32 hours may come from any The Church Network CEU approved course offered through the chapter CEU program, national and regional programs, training center CEUs, The Church Network's online E-Learning Lab, or CEUs offered by registered provider partners.
If an individual decides at a conference to begin, they  may submit a registration form and fee with their CEU request form for that conference, as long as they meet the submit within 30 days of end of conference time limit.  Those conference CEU’s will count towards certification.

Candidates must complete an action-based certification project as outlined in the Project Guidelines. Project are available for download in the resource store and are free to members and fee based to non-members. Click here for a complete list of projects.

Candidate must subscribe to the The Church Network Code of Ethics.

Candidates must complete the certification process within five years of their official start date as stated above.

Candidates must submit an Application for Certification during the year of certification.
     a. Candidates who are active members of The Church Network national organization for at least two full years prior to as well as the year of receiving certification should submit their application and $100 application fee.
     b. Candidates who are non-members of The Church Network national organization, or who have not been members for two full years prior to the year of receiving certification, should submit their application and $400 application fee.
For information on dual certification with the United Methodist Denomination go here.
For information on dual certification with the Baptist Leaders Network go here.

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