Local Chapters/Groups

Local chapters are the backbone of our Network organization and provide members with vital local support. Chapter meetings allow members to come together and share resources, seek advice from those who have had a similar experience, and hear presentations on topics of interest, all while enjoying the fellowship of others who work in church administration.

More than 50 local chapters provide the chance to connect with others in your local church community who have common needs and interests in church administration.

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Start a chapter

Starting a local chapter is a rewarding and educational experience and TCN is there to support you along the way. TCN supports two different types of Chapter structure.  TCN Groups and TCN Chapters (chartered).
What's the difference?

A TCN Chapter (chartered) is a group of individuals in a geographical location that meet under the leadership of executive officers, bylaws and a constitution.  Regular meetings are planned.  Additional benefits include the option of offering CEU's ( continuing education credits) to those who attend.

A TCN Group
is comprised of individuals in a geographical location in which no TCN chartered chapter exists. This group of individuals meet on regular basis to share information pertaining to church administration.  One individual serves as the contact for the group.

Below are step-by-step instructions to help your new chapter/group grow and succeed.

  • Contact the association office at (800) 898-8085 to obtain a list of active members within your chapter area
  • Plan an informational meeting for prospective new members and arrange for a speaker to discuss the benefits of joining TCN.
  • Create a list of prospective members pulling from resources such as mail surveys, denominational offices, personal contacts and even the telephone book. Contact the TCN national office to obtain a list of relevant contacts within your chapter interest area from the national database.
  • Heavily promote the first meeting using flyers, local church page of the newspaper, ministerial alliance and denominational offices. The TCN national office can assist you in sending invites and or e-mails to contacts in our national database.
  • Secure promotional materials from the national office for handouts and mailings. •During the meeting, highlight national member benefits and the importance of the local and national organizations.
  • Select an organizer who will be in charge of getting together periodically for study, training, problem solving, sharing and fellowship.
  • Select a leader who will be in charge of recruiting new members. •Decide on a set meeting schedule, time and place while keeping in touch with the TCN office through e-mail. •Select a name for your group, preferable one that helps identify your geographic location

If you decide to become a charter chapter, additional benefits and instructions are included below. Being an TCN Chartered Chapter gives you more including: offering CEU’s for meetings that qualify, direct contact with a specific national board member for information and assistance, access to the TCN national database to track your membership rooster and dues, and Web space provided for a chapter Web site with membership tracking. To apply for charter membership, fill out the charter application. See "How to Begin a Local Chapter" in the manage a chapter section. ​


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