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A Feedback Tool For Ministry

The work of ministry is a rewarding but sometimes lonely venture. Although every week ministers may be told what they did and didn’t do correctly last week, meaningful feedback is often missing. Ministers are left to filter through all the data that bombard them on a daily basis to develop a sense of self-awareness and to plan for personal and professional growth.  

At best, a minister may receive some type of annual review from a superior or a board of deacons or elders. Many times these evaluations are tied to compensation and take on more of a performance review rather than a true measure of strength and weakness…thus resulting in the lack of a development plan.

Prism is designed to give honest feedback to ministers and staff from a full spectrum of their minister’s professional community.

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  Prism has been used in more than 300 different organizations  - local churches, multiple denominations and para-church groups with over 675 individual participants.