The Member News Ad Schedule

You can pay for the ad here . Payment must be received by the first of the month the ad will post. To purchase a block of ads, payment for the entire block must be received before the ad placement is confirmed.

TCN offers two digital marketing slots in our monthly, members-only newsletter. Each month this newsletter goes to all our national members, about 1700. These individuals are among the most engaged in the work of The Church Network and among the top administrative leaders in congregations. The publication is sent mid-month.

 These ads will be 600x150 (either JPG or JPNG format)  and appear in the body of the newsletter. You may hyperlink to your preferred redirect location. The links and ads may be changed as often as you choose if you choose to commit multiple months, but new ads must be received by the first day of the month the ad posts. You can pay for the ad here .

 This opportunity will only be available to TCN Business Network members. Each ad is $300 per occurrence. We will sell these on first-come, first-served basis.

Please see ad commitments below. If there is a slot open and you wish to claim it please contact If there are no opening we are happy to add you to a waiting list in case a space becomes available.

 Advertiser 1
Advertiser 2
 x  HighGround  x  Aspen Grp  
 x  Master Plan  x  Lake  
 October  x  Master Plan  x  BMWL  
 November  x  Lake x  Capin  
 December x  Capin    
 January x  Master Plan      
 February x  Lake  x  BMWL  
 March  Master Plan
 April x  Master Plan  x  BMWL  
 May  x  BMWL  x  BMWL  
 June  x  BMWL      
 July x  Master Plan      
 August  x  BMWL      
 September x  Master Plan      
 October x  Master Plan