Presbyterian Network (PAN)


The Presbyterian Administrators' Network, PAN, includes all Presbyterian churches, denominations and organizations. This provides all PAN members a more enriching experience as we network together to share our common administration duties and best practices.
There is no dues for membership. Any church worker involved in any Presbyterian Church, governing, or supporting body who is a paid member of The Church Network is included as a member of PAN.

Along with TCN, we believe in continuing education, fellowship and encouragement toward spiritual and professional development. Through our PAN events we hope to deepen relationships and strengthen our lives.

Let us be encouraged as PAN members to:

  • Attend the TCN annual Conference and reap the many benefits of networking with other church leaders, continuing education and honing your skills.
  • Participate in the PAN events each year at the annual TCN conference, get to know our Presbyterian colleagues and strengthen these important relationships.
  • Continue to expand our network of relationships at the TCN annual conference and throughout the year. Participate in our local Chapters and take advantage of all that TCN offers through learning labs and other online resources.
  • Don’t go it alone!

Presbyterian Administrators' Network invites you to join us in Orlando for the 64th National Conference from July 8 – 11, 2020.

If you are attending the 2020 Church Network conference and you are a Presbyterian member of TCN you are also automatically a member of PAN.  We encourage you to join us for three special gatherings:

  • PAN Reception on Wednesday Evening, July 8 in the Convention Center. Come and meet other Presbyterians, enjoy a beverage and appetizers.
  • PAN Business Meeting on Thursday, July 9, followed by lunch together in the Convention Center.
  • PAN Special Dinner Event on Friday evening, July 10 at the BB Kings Blues Club.

All of the PAN events are excellent opportunities for networking, fellowship and fun. Pan includes all Presbyterian churches, denominations and organizations. Whatever your tradition, you are welcome.  Come and Join us!
Just sign up for the Presbyterian Administrators' Network events on the TCN registration - Opening soon!


Pan Leadership 2019/2020

Moderator : Mary Ann Vaughan, CCA
Immanuel Presbyterian, McLean, VA

Vice-Moderator: Michael Aycock, CCA
Myers Park Presbyterian, Charlotte, NC 

Treasurer : Jennifer Childers, CCA
Sardis Presbyterian, Charlotte, NC
Secretary/Membership Chair – Gerry McShane
Westminster Presbyterian, Chester PA

Nominations Chair – Bill Keith, CCA
Covenant Presbyterian, Charlotte, NC

Conference Planning Chair - Jan Buscher, CCA
First Presbyterian, Wheaton, IL 

By-Laws Chair - Jim Hugan, CCA
First Presbyterian, Flint, MI