Staff Care

Jesus used questions to shape his disciples into the leaders he needed them to be. Those same questions can be a powerful means for shaping your staff team as well. One of the most important elements of a healthy church is the staff culture. Whether yours is a...

9 Principles for Creating an Annual Budget in a Small Church

Big churches and small churches design their budgets very differently. While large churches spend their time balancing percentages, designing requisition sheets, and tracking an increase or decrease of giving as one measurement of the church’s health, small churches deal with an entirely different set of issues.

Tax Reform Is Here. Now What?

The federal tax code just got a makeover, and many would argue it was long overdue. Before the law commonly known as the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” was passed by Congress in late 2017, the last comprehensive overhaul to the federal tax code was back in 1986—when Top Gun was film of the year and Ronald Reagan was president! 

4 Steps to Save $10,000 per Million in Tithes

Church leaders are fantastic at achieving many things.  Important things. For example, they excel at conversations that get people motivated, hosting amazing events, incredible messaging and building the church and kingdom - one missionary act at a time...

Granny is Investing in Bitcoin

Granny is investing in Bitcoin…and in Ethereum. She might not understand exactly what digital currencies are, but she has been making money from her investments. Lots of it. Her grandson, Virgil, told her that he had made several thousand dollars...

Why We Fight

Why is conflict so common in congregations? When we ask people what they are fighting about their responses focus on the usual suspects—members’ behavior, money, worship, leadership style, and decision-making. But are these really the deepest causes of congregational conflict?

Have You A Dream Deferred?

What are your dreams? Do you have some? There is a big difference between “dreams” that are really just wishes or hopes versus “dreams” that have some possibilities undergirding them and into which the dreamer can put some effort...

Self Care: It’s not about changing others

Here’s something I learned about church leadership: It’s not about changing others. This was a hard-won lesson for me, after years of trying to do just that. And it was a relief when I finally learned it.

Anatomy of a Data Breach Response

Studies suggest that the median number of days it takes to discover a data breach is 146. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires financial institutions, including colleges and universities, to adopt a comprehensive written information security program (WISP) to deploy on day 146. 

Security in Churches?!

Sunday worship in communities all over America is such a blessing.  Friends and family gather together to worship God as they feel led.  Stories and handshakes are exchanged and people who love each congregate come together...