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Top 5 Cloud Accounting Software Concerns and How to Overcome Them

Recently, nonprofits, churches, ministries, and 501c(3) organizations completed a survey identifying their concerns about using cloud accounting software. This article will cover those concerns with resolutions. The following graph displays the percentage breakout for the five concerns that will be discussed in this article.

The Spiritual Practice of Creating Margin

My weary body slid into the lounge chair by the pool like Derek Jeter stealing second base — out of breath, a bit scuffed up and like I had taken something I wasn’t supposed to have: a break. The previous few weeks had been a bit relentless with projects and deadlines and meetings and conferences that all seemed so perfectly reasonable months before when I put them on my then blank and inviting calendar....

4 Questions to Build Trust and Have Your Expectations Met

Every day, from the time we wake up and our feet hit the floor, we are managing expectations. Expectations others have of us., and expectations we have of them. Underlying expectations are needs. You have a core human need to be of value to the people with whom you live and work. You have a need to be successful in your work and in your life. Others share this need.

An Ethic of Generosity Giving Well Takes Practice 

Most professions have codes of ethics. Fundraisers do, too (for example, see the Association of Fundraising Professionals). These ethical standards are essential but can only be expected to do so much. While I am perhaps being overly cynical, most often they live on the websites of our nonprofits, foundations, or professional organizations and remain forgotten until we need to update proper policies and procedures or orient new employees. 

7 Reasons Your Church is Emailing Wrong

Churches have a lot going on. Ministries and programs flood our calendars, not to mention sermon series and vision castings. Our leaders want everyone to hear everything. Except more and more, people are spending less and less time paying attention. How on earth do we effectively communicate to our congregations?

 Church Cash Reserves—How Much Is Enough?

Fall has arrived. Besides the cool breeze and beautiful changing of the leaves, this also means the beginning of budgeting season for many church administrators. We are sorry for that painful reminder!

3 Key Indicators of Your Church’s Financial Health, Even 4 

Recently, I had the privilege of participating in another Metro Network round table sponsored by The Church Network (TCN), a group including some of the sharpest minds in church administration across the country....

Supervision and Cultural Differences

Performance management conversations are inherently difficult. It is just hard to talk with another about failed expectations. When the supervisor and employee don’t share similar cultural backgrounds, these conversations can be treacherous.

Significant Changes Affecting Your Financial Statements

2018 brings new reporting and disclosure requirement for churches and other nonprofit organizations. It’s been over 22 years since there were significant changes to the nonprofit accounting standards – however the Financial Accounting Standards Board...

It is Time to Tune Up Your Anti Harassment Program

Lately, we are hearing almost daily about another high-profile celebrity, politician or executive who has been accused of sexual harassment. Victims now feel empowered to publicly share their stories, even from many years ago.

Tax Reform Is Here. Now What?

The federal tax code just got a makeover, and many would argue it was long overdue. Before the law commonly known as the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” was passed by Congress in late 2017, the last comprehensive overhaul to the federal tax code was back in 1986—when Top Gun was film of the year and Ronald Reagan was president! 

4 Steps to Save $10,000 per Million in Tithes

Church leaders are fantastic at achieving many things.  Important things. For example, they excel at conversations that get people motivated, hosting amazing events, incredible messaging and building the church and kingdom - one missionary act at a time...

Granny is Investing in Bitcoin

Granny is investing in Bitcoin…and in Ethereum. She might not understand exactly what digital currencies are, but she has been making money from her investments. Lots of it. Her grandson, Virgil, told her that he had made several thousand dollars...

Why We Fight

Why is conflict so common in congregations? When we ask people what they are fighting about their responses focus on the usual suspects—members’ behavior, money, worship, leadership style, and decision-making. But are these really the deepest causes of congregational conflict?

Have You A Dream Deferred?

What are your dreams? Do you have some? There is a big difference between “dreams” that are really just wishes or hopes versus “dreams” that have some possibilities undergirding them and into which the dreamer can put some effort...

Anatomy of a Data Breach Response

Studies suggest that the median number of days it takes to discover a data breach is 146. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires financial institutions, including colleges and universities, to adopt a comprehensive written information security program (WISP) to deploy on day 146. 
5 Reasons Churches Should Protect Their Facebook Privacy

Mark Zuckerberg’s trip to Capitol Hill last month shined the spotlight on Facebook’s privacy holes and breaches and the devastating impact on an estimated 87 million users and their private information. How does this affect churches and their online social profiles?